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Mar 21,  · The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) Moving on to adults, by Main had seen enough disorganized babies to conclude that there must be a lot of scary parents. Now she needed a way to document the behavior of the parents. [17] (Right: Dr. Main (center) receives the Bowlby-Ainsworth Attachment Award.).

the CRI on relationships to adult attachment figures. At present this is the only detailed source of insights into the criteri a for scoring the AAI available to those who do not take the training course. Do not reproduce this material without permission of the author. EW ADULT ATTACHMENT INTERVIEW PROTOCOL George, C., Kaplan, N., & Main, M.

Adult Assessment of Attachment - The Adult Attachment Interview. The Adult Attachment Interview is a procedure for assessing adults' strategies for identifying, preventing, and protecting the self from perceived dangers, particularly dangers tied to intimate relationships.

Sep 27,  · An adult attachment interview, which is most commonly associated with researcher Mary Main and her associates, is a semi-structured interview that generally consists of about 20 questions. It is based on Paul Grice's cooperative principle — a short set of standard conversational expectations that consist of relation, manner, quality and quantity.