Upper Level Classes - upper level adult dance classes


Masters Upper Level Dance Studio upper level adult dance classes

Masters Upper Level is committed to providing the highest quality dance instruction in a safe, family-friendly environment. Our goal is to train dancers of all ages and abilities to appreciate the arts and be prepared for the future.

Dance Exploration II (Ages ) 45 Minute class/ times per week DE II is a preparatory class, designed to teach the techniques needed for the Upper Level Program. Students will attend two – three times per week studying ballet, tap, and beginning jazz techniques. Adult Program (Ages 18+) Adult Classes.

Upper Level Classes. UPPER LEVEL CLASSES. Ages 10 and older. Register Now. LEVEL 4 & 5 (Ages 9+ yrs) TUESDAYS. Musical Th 4,5 The Dance Centre strives to offer a program not only to instill a love for the art of dance but also developing skills such as balance, flexibility, gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination.

ADULT DANCE CLASSES. Our studio offers many adult dance classes for new and experienced dancers. Punchcards allow students to commit to dancing without worrying about missing a class. 5 Class Punchcard $ This class is held with our upper level ballet students in attendance.