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why does lil wayne suck

HIS LYRICS SUCK DICK Lil Wayne’s lyrics are all terrible because he has the intellectual capacity of an autistic 3 year old. Lil Wayne Is The Worst Rapper In The Industry Over the past.

Oct 16,  · As if we needed further proof that not only does Lil Wayne suck, he may also be one of the dumbest people alive, there was a documentary made about him by Quincy Jones betterbasket.info video, which features weed and “sizzurp” fueled footage, is “scandalous” according to Lil Wayne, although it will likely not come as a shock to most people that the rapper is usually under the influence of betterbasket.info: Cassie Dixon.

Jun 25,  · Best Answer: Lil Wayne just straight out suck, look i mean if you take one of his recent songs and actually listen to what he is saying. it just a bunch of bullshit. that song he got out now, not the lollipop song i think million-air not sure what it called but it suckFollowers: 4.

Jan 01,  · First off wayne sucks because he has 0 classics. He is lyrically terrible. Doesnt drop any double entedres and lyrics are extrmely watered down. He rhymes nigga with nigga like how easy is that.