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Nov 20,  · The Developing Brain and Teen Driving November 20, To prepare teens to be safe drivers, go to betterbasket.info for free evidence-based tools, resources, and information.

Jan 20,  · One of the topics we touch on in our parents of teen drivers class is the development of the adolescent brain. I recently attended a Parent University Class that is offered through the Mesa School District and is free to anyone who wants to attend. It is a four part series and parents are welcome to come to any or all of the classes. See below for betterbasket.info: Maria Wojtczak.

Nov 04,  · Although the brain is 80 percent developed at adolescence, new research indicates that brain signals essential for motor skills and emotional maturity are the last to extend to the brain’s frontal lobe, which is responsible for many of the skills essential for driving. This research suggests that emotional immaturity, not inexperience, is the primary reason that teenage drivers are /5(10).

The key point in terms of driving safety is that when driving with peers, teens are undertaking two separate, challenging, and complex tasks: they are keenly attuned to the behavior of and interactions among their peers while also operating the vehicle and attending to road and traffic betterbasket.info: Preventing Teen Motor Crashes.