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With the best quality cremation urn vaults, you can now preserve the cremains in the cremation boxes even if the whole thing is buried under the earth. This fulfills the last wish of the person to be buried, a vault for burial takes less space than full body burial in a casket, and also saves money/5().

Though cremation vaults or cremation burial vaults are not compulsory but it should be treated as equally important as funeral urns, as they not only protect the burial ground from caving in but also protect the casket and the religious urns from breaking down when heavy equipments run above the burial ground. If you really want to preserve the memories of your near and dear one in a respectful and memorable way, then buy the best urns .

Burial Cremation Urns and Vaults. Acclaim Burial Urn Vault Regular Price: $ Sale Price: $ Regal Cylinder Burial Urn Regular Price: $ Sale Price: $ The Double Crowne Burial Vault Regular Price: $ Sale Price: $ The Single Crowne Burial Vault.

Cremation Vaults for Ashes - Find the right cremation vaults for burial ashes online for your loved one. At Divinity Urns, we have an exquisite range of unique, affordable cremation vaults. Browse cremation & burial vaults for funerals, burials, memorial online/5().