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Gay Amman. The sleepy image of this capital city that is home to million people is just that - an image. Underneath that calm skin is a thriving city home to a diverse community of Jordanian’s, Palestinians, and other expats working in an array of political posts from the UN to the American University of Jordan.

Gay Amman guide best listing of gay bars,gay hotels, gay parties, gay events and parades and more on the map.

Finding the only LGBT-friendly venue in Jordan Amman’s small, underground gay scene mostly invisible to outsiders but social disapproval of an overtly gay lifestyle is strong Amman has a small underground scene for gay men and lesbians, for the most part invisible to outsiders.” Books @ Cafe is the only LGBT-friendly venue in.

Exploring Amman’s gay spaces The Middle East; it's gayer than you think. By Kaj Hasselriis Jun 01, , PM EDT. When year-old Matt, from Wilmington, Delaware, arrived in Jordan last fall, getting involved in a gay scene was “not part of the plan.”.