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How to Enjoy Anal Sex When You Have Hemorrhoids. I have had anal sex twice and loved it. I want to have anal sex again, but both times I was terribly self-conscious. The hemorrhoids may.

Others might progress to a small sex toy, or be ready to be penetrated by a larger toy, or even a penis. Communication with your partner about what feels good and how you want to be touched is essential for enjoyable anal play. Although you can have anal sex when .

First off, hemorrhoids and anal sex are no joke. And while sex doesn't necessarily cause them, the penetration, friction, and pressure can agitate already angry veins in and around the rectum. It's best to wait until after your hemorrhoid heals before you have sex again with your boyfriend.

May 11,  · So, can anal sex cause hemorrhoids? Since hemorrhoids are natural parts of your anatomy, the short answer is no, anal sex should not cause new .