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The "well-endowed black man" is by many people brushed off as a myth. If you ask a "sex expert" you will invariably get a comment about how they all have seen or heard the story of a black man with a very small penis and an Asian man with a large one. So, they conclude, it is a myth.

Dec 06,  · We've all heard the stereotypes about penis size, but genitals are a private issue. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop someone people from prying. A Author: Bellesa.

Sep 09,  · Lol, in one of the comparison pics above the black dudes cock only looked about 2 inches bigger than the white dudes. Then in the next pic the white guys cock is measured at just under 4 inches.

im white with a 10 incher race and penis size have no correlation check out my pornhub account for proof chrissychris King As a Mixed black guy, Non white. My Shaft is a long as a dvd case. With the head above that. © GirlsAskGuys.