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cause of penis turning white

Why is the tip of my penis turning white? Answered by. Dr. Shahil Khant. and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team. Patient's Query. Hello doctor, The skin at the tip of my penis is becoming white from the past three months. There is no pain or any other problem due to that. I feel pressure to urinate, but while urinating the flow Author: Dr. Shahil Khant.

about half of the head of my penis has turned white, as if there is no blood flow there. don't notice any difference in how it feels but it never used to be this way and looks weird. of course i don't want to go to the doctor and ask him. appreciate any info. thanks.

Sep 12,  · the head of my penis turned white. Kate Smith answered this Why Is The Head Of Your Penis So Sensitive: Causes Of A Hypersensitive Glans. Read more. New Reply Follow New Topic. The head of my penis turnedWHITE over a year ago. I was masturbating and i felt i low-medium instant of pain in the part of the head where the "wire" connects the.

Mar 13,  · When washing he penis, it is important to wash areas under the fires skin to keep them away from any accumulated sexual fluids that may appear white. This can cause infections or rash with white heads on the penis. This will also cause a smelly penis that can be a turn off. Not every man will experience issues with their fore betterbasket.info: Health Clue.