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Children are often more vulnerable to pollutants than adults due to differences in behavior and biology, that can lead to greater exposure and/or unique windows of susceptibility during development. Learn more about children's health, the environment, and what you can do.

and pharmaceuticals), physical agents (radiation, heat) and biological (viral, parasitic). They can also be exposed, after birth, to pollutants that pass into their mother’s milk. Neither of these routes of exposure occur in adults or older children. Children also have pathways of exposure that differ from those of adults due to their size and.

Laws, Rules and Related Policies Laws: Indiana Code (IC) establishes the authority for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning, to regulate child care in the state.

Title 22 regulations require reporting of unusual incidents to Community Care Licensing by telephone or fax within 24 hours, with a written report to follow in seven days. Communicating with the licensing agency is extremely important if you have damage to your building, need to relocate, or have injuries or deaths involving children or adults.