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Aug 06,  · 13 Euphemisms for Sex in Chinese. by John Pasden in language Inspector Chen is quite fond of quoting Chinese poetry, and the “Clouds and Rain” euphemism comes up quite a bit. =P Next time I get around to reading one of the books I’ll keep an eye out for the mention of any classical poems which sport the phrase. Reply.

a poetic euphemism for the buildup and final release of orgasmic pleasure.

“Clouds and Rain’ is a Chinese euphemism for sex. ‘The Bringer of Clouds and Rain’ is a lady of the night, a prostitute,” — 1 likes “Clouds are thought to be the blending of the male and female, the sky and the earth, and the rain, the climax of the union. It comes /5.

For example, I have heard it claimed that the term “sex worker” is a euphemism, but I think of it rather as a direct and clear way of indicating a particular profession without using the term “prostitution” which often carries negative connotations. Should you think of any common euphemisms in Chinese or English that I have left out.