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Commander Steel died along with other heroes fighting Eclipso on the dark side of the Moon. He was a member of Amanda Waller 's Shadow legacy of Steel continued in two grandsons.

Commander Steel (also Captain Steel) is the name of three comic book superheroes appearing in publications by the American publisher DC Comics, all members of the same first Steel appeared in Steel, The Indestructible Man #1 (), and was created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck. His stories were set in World War two later characters called Steel are his betterbasket.infoher: DC Comics.

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Commander Steel pulled strings to get his grandson, Hank Heywood III (who had been subjected to extreme surgery much like the elder Hank's own, only without the compelling reason of it being necessary to preserve life), into the League under the name of Steel. Unlike many comic book characters, both seem reliably dead.