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A Guide to Removing Skin Tags on the Labia, Vulva & Vagina dangling piece of skin on vagina

It's an elongated piece of skin(?) that starts immediately below the hole for my vagina. It's probably about an inch long and 1/8 of an inch thick. It's cylindrical and fairly bright pink (similar color to the inside of my vagina). It dosen't hurt, actually I don't even think I would know somebody was touching it if they were.

Oct 05,  · I just noticed what feels like a long piece of skin hanging from the inside of my vagina. It feels as if its attached inside at one end, and is hanging out, and it seems to be about the thickness of a pencil. It has not been there in the past, and it isn't painful at all. It is not part of my labia it is actually coming from inside my vagina.

After I went home, I wiped my vagina and I found that I had a piece of skin hanging out. I was bleeding so much that I freaked out and went to the hospital and there they told me not to worry, that it was normal and that it should go away within three months. Yeah right, .

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