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Jan 17,  · Weird Trick That Porn Stars Use? Most Likely NOT There are a ton of ads spewing out across the internet about some weird tip that porn stars are using to help increase the size of their penis, making it permanently bigger.5/5.

Here are 3 secrets on how male porn stars enlarge their penis: Behind the Scenes. I was privy to some behind the scene footage of male adult film performers in the moments leading up to being in front of the camera. And what I saw was both unusual, and sort of shocking as far .

how do porn stars get big dicks? Porn stars have big dicks because they were born that way. They were naturally endowed at birth given big cocks which gave them the opportunity later in life to fuck porn-stars. To do porn one of the prerequisites is a big cock and you can fuck. It doesn't matter if you're ugly.

Dec 21,  · A recent blog / website that came out talks about ron jeremy’s guide to a bigger penis, and has all sorts of supplements that claim they can grow it 4 inches in a month. This kind of talk is total BS, as no pill or capsule will do such a thing in such a short amount of time.5/5.