Risk of Bacterial Vaginosis in Users of the Intrauterine Device: A Longitudinal Study - iud and vaginal infections


Can an IUD Cause an Infection? iud and vaginal infections

IUDs don’t directly cause infections. If you have an existing infection, inserting the IUD may spread it. Two common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are chlamydia and betterbasket.info: Ann Pietrangelo.

Hello everyone. In October of , I had the Mirena IUD inserted into my uterus. I was 22 at the time. Since the Mirena was placed, I have had several vaginal problems. My GYN has said that the Mirena has nothing to do with the infections. I have been told this by other GYN as well.

Users of the intrauterine device(IUD) may be at increased risk for bacterial vaginosis (BV). Our objective was to compare the incidence of BV in women using the IUD compared to women using combined oral contraceptives (COC), the contraceptive vaginal ring, and the contraceptive patch. We Cited by:

While there there is a known infection risk of associated with insertion of the Mirena IUD, it appears that Bayer Healthcare failed to provide women with adequate warning about the potential risk of other infections that may result from Mirena complications long after the device is in place.