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Books Twilight. Follow/Fav Full Moon Kate and Garrett's Story. By: Nicollette Knight. What happened to Kate and Garrett after they left the Cullen's home in Breaking Dawn? This is their story. Kate held tightly to Garrett's hand, fighting the grief she had for her lost sister. Caius had destroyed her out of spite, and while Kate understood.

Books Twilight. Follow/Fav Kate and Garrett- the story. By: betterbasket.info I really like Kate and Garrett right now. And FF didn't have a lot of stories, so I'm going to write one. The story of Kate and Garrett through their eyes. From BD to forever.

Jul 18,  · Garrett/Kate (Twilight) Garrett (Twilight) Kate (Twilight) just a short series of drabbles; a grand total of words about garrett's fascination; and how smitten he is; not bothering to tag other characters since it's not really about them; and they make cameos at .

Forget About The Days That Are Gone (Twilight Garrett Love Story) Fanfiction. A new addition of the Cullen family is turned. Right when hell is about to break loose. Her name is Kat. Though she seems like a full fledged vampire. Her heart still beats as it pumps blood slowly through her veins. Something went wrong during the.