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What makes a lesbian? Lesbians are women who have sex with other women. But does that mean they do not have sex with men? Remember, women can identify as lesbian and still have sex with men, use drugs, have sex for money, be victims of rape or abuse or have artificial insemination, all of which can put them at risk for HIV.

Are you a woman who has sex with women? Learn how to protect yourself from HIV infection with AVERT's HIV & Women Who Have Sex With Women fact sheet.

The risk of HIV among lesbians (also referred to as women who have sex with women) has long been considered low. But as recent as , there have been cases of sexual transmission between two women where no other possible route of infection.

Apr 01,  · Over the past year I've met three self-identified lesbians with HIV. All three believed they could trace their infections back to a male partner. Since we already know male-to-female transmission is e.