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Opening the Restricted Box: Lorraine Hansberry’s Lesbian Writing. Lorraine Hansberry, playwright. By Kevin Mumford. Born in in Chicago to a real estate broker, Carl Hansberry and Nannie Louise Perry, Lorraine Hansberry grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a comfortable neighborhood, a rebellious young woman from the city’s African.

Jan 20,  · Lorraine Hansberry: Her life as a hidden lesbian. She married fellow activist Robert Nemiroff in Though they later separated in , they remained good friends. In fact, Nemiroff was the executor of Lorraine’s estate when she died of pancreatic cancer in .

Lorraine Hansberry stands as one of the most important African-American playwrights of all time, catapulting into fame by way of her celebrated Broadway play, A Raisin In The Sun. While many knew Author: D.L. Chandler.

Mar 04,  · The Lesbian Loves of Lorraine Hansberry. While Lorraine Hansberry never flaunted her sexuality, it was known that she had a number of lesbian lovers in Greenwich Village, especially those part of an otherwise all white lesbian group. There are two names mentioned as long term lovers: Renee Kaplan and Dorothy Secules.