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Can Bad Sperm Cause A Miscarriage? low sperm morphology and miscarriage

Mar 18,  · This includes decreased sperm mobility and vitality, lower sperm counts, and abnormal morphology (the size and shape of sperm). It can also lead to physical damage. Any damage to sperm can cause fertility problems and, if an egg is fertilized, it may also lead to a miscarriage.

Another male condition which can cause recurrent miscarriages is that of an excessively elevated sperm count. Additionally, some men – and also some women – carry an abnormal gene known as a polymorphism, which can lead to the production abnormal chemicals or hormones by the embryo(or mother) and in turn can also lead to miscarriage.

This occurs in approximately % of women with multiple miscarriages. Male factor – men that exhibit abnormal sperm quality (low counts, or poor morphology) tend have more genetically abnormal sperm, increasing the chance for genetic abnormalities in the embryo.5/5(45).

Hi, Has anyone any experience of low sperm morphology and miscarriage. My hubby has done a number of tests and the morphology ranges from 0% - 3%. I have had three miscarriages at 11, 18 and 5 weeks. I am convinced in is being caused by the morphology and worried that we will never have children as every pregnancy will end in miscarriage.