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Mar 22,  · Review of the literature shows that compulsive or ritualistic phenomena are the dominant presentations of OCD in mental retardation. 2, 3, 7 This observation could be partly due to the study design whereby emphasis is on observable repetitive behavior rather than inner conflicts in diagnosing OCD 2, 7 and partly due to the underlying Author: Vivek Sharma, Devdutta Biswas.

First, the concepts of "sexual activity" and "mental retardation" are analysed briefly, which is challenging given the widely divergent and sometimes rather awkward definitions of these concepts. On the basis of this analysis, it is argued that the liberal principle of mutual consent, if taken as a necessary condition of permissible sex, has unacceptable consequences for people with mental by:

Sep 21,  · Moderate mental retardation is the second most common category, accounting for 10% of cases of mental retardation, and is associated with an IQ range of 35–40 to 50– 6, 7 These individuals usually are not able to maintain a job but are able to perform some tasks, such as manipulating basic monetary exchanges. 3 Their highest education Cited by:

The Act includes specific crimes against adults with intellectual disabilities or mental health conditions: sexual abuse of vulnerable persons with a mental disorder. These include situations where: they are unable to refuse because of a lack of understanding, they are .