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Feb 16,  · Is my son's penis size normal? random naked streaking around the house—will desensitize any mom. But then I had another son. Another penis. Not immediately, but somewhere around my youngest boy’s second birthday, as he and my then-seven-year-old bathed together, my husband and I suddenly noticed that the little one seemed.

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Aug 01,  · 6 Parents Freaked Out By The Size Of Their Son’s Penis. By Theresa on more than one occasion a mom or dad might pull me aside and ask if Author: Theresa Edwards.

mom holding sons penis while urniating djb I have this friend who has a four and a half year old son. I recently found out every single time he uses the bathroom, she insists on holding his penis for him while he urinates. She calls this "tip-toeing"; she doesn't want his penis to touch the toilet seat.