Smoking and use of oral contraceptives: impact on thrombotic diseases. - oral contraceptives and second hand smoke


oral contraceptives and second hand smoke

8 Cardiovascular Diseases from Exposure to Secondhand Smoke. Introduction. menopausal status, use of estrogen replacement therapy, past use of oral contraceptives, parental history of heart disease, Nicotine does not influence arterial lipid deposits in rabbits exposed to second-hand betterbasket.infoelf ID: NBK

At every visit ask all patients, but particularly oral contraceptive users >35 years old, whether they smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products (or are exposed to second-hand smoke). If patients do use tobacco, remind them that the risks of smoking include cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, and Cited by:

Why Cigarettes and Birth Control Pills Are a Lethal Combo - Estrogen can place additional stress on blood vessels leading to stroke.

Women taking third generation oral contraceptives exhibited better overall blood flow and heart function than those on second generation contraceptives, which indicates that new forms of birth control may actually be safer and advisable for smokers. Consulting a Physician to Determine the Best Method of Birth Control for You.