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Dec 16,  · Oral sex has been an obsession of mine. All the while I was in yeshiva, I remained complete % shomer-negiah, and waited till I'm married. Now the crazy Kallah teacher told my wife it is a big 'aveyra', and one can go blind. I really don't want to go elsewhere to get what I need/desire. (I held back all these years because of 'pas b'saloh'.

As worded, this question is not asking for practical advice or a pesak, nor is,it "personal in nature". It asks "what Halacha has to say" about the issue, not "can I have oral sex." My answer presents the different opinions in the Halakhic discussion on this issue, without issueing any kind of practical pesak.

Halachic parameters of sexual behavior However this is not limited to child abuse but includes even the general attitude of the halacha towards sex and marriage - needs to be explicated. there is much demand for positions besides missionary to be allowed and for oral sex on him/her, wich sre generally only allowed by most people Author: Daas Torah.

Sep 21,  · What is the Halacha on oral sex in marriage? I know that a man is told not to look at his wife's vagina ("oto makom") so that makes it seem like he giving head is also indirectly prohibited, since I presume, it would be difficult to give head without using your eyes for lip and tongue placement.