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You Can't Paint Latex Over Oil ! Or Can You? paint latex over oil

With the nearly total phase-out of oil-based paint in the U.S. in , the question of whether you can paint latex over oil-based paint is even more perplexing. If a house is old enough, it is inevitable that it will have oil-based paint somewhere since latex paint wasn't introduced until the s.

Jul 19,  · Earlier generation latex paints did not adhere well to oil. However, there are now self-priming acrylic paints which will go directly to oil. I often went over poor past latex jobs with a coat of heavy build oil enamel undercoater followed by a coat of oil enamel. The undercoater helped hide the "ropiness" of the latex and seal it.

To apply latex over oil-based paint, clean the door thoroughly. Use grit sandpaper to thoroughly sand the surface (Image 1). Follow with grit sandpaper to sand the door nice and smooth (Image 2).

Can an oil-based paint be used over a surface already painted with latex paint? The truthful answer to this question is that you shouldn’t paint an oil-based product directly over latex paint, but it can be done if a sealing coat is used to separate the layers. Because latex paint has built-in Author: DIY Staff.