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The weirdest occupation on the programme is widely believed to be a "saggar maker's bottom knocker". Saggars are used to hold and protect pottery during kiln-firing, and by placing various substances in a saggar it is possible to produce dramatic visual effects on the finished pottery.

The saggar maker was an experienced craftsman who paid his assistants out of his piece-work earnings: he took the bottom and the sides onto a wheel and using his thumbs joined the sides to the bottom. The green saggars were dried and then placed on the top of bungs during the next firing of the kiln.

What is a sagger makers bottom knocker? It was an occupation in the early days of the pottery industry in Stoke on Trent, England. A sagger was a a large oval container made out of clay, it was.

A saggar maker's bottom knocker is a young boy employed to make the base of a saggar from a lump of fireclay, by knocking it into a metal ring with a wooden mallet. What movie and television.