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Rouge the Bat/Shadow the Hedgehog; Rouge the Bat; Shadow the Hedgehog; Maria Robotnik; Black Doom; Sonic the Hedgehog; Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog) Miles "Tails" Prower; Knuckles the Echidna; Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Manic the Hedgehog; Snively Robotnik; Blood and Violence; Sex; Oral Sex; Aged-Up Character(s.

Tags. Rape/Non-Con; Rouge the Bat & Shadow the Hedgehog; Shadow the Hedgehog; Rouge the Bat; Shadouge; Summary. One false move rips them apart, Rouge gets abducted and Shadow must do what he can to bring her back to him.

FanFiction | unleash Shadow the hedgehog x Rouge the bat. By: rougey. Omelets full of vibrant vegetables, cheese, and pancakes stacked high, with syrup by its side as well as sliced fresh fruit kept on the same plate, surrounding the pancakes. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls, covered in sweet icing, steaming in its plate from its warmth.

Rouge's Brothel Chapter 1 ''Well, here we are, guys." Sonic the Hedgehog gazed up dubiously at the building before him. It was an old fashion design, almost ritzy looking.