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Feb 24,  · In todays' video Im talking about my experience having sex for the first time after having my sex reassignment surgery aka losing my vagina virginity as .

Dec 22,  · Hello My Carobears! In today's video I wanted to fill you all on my 6 month follow up of my gender reassignment surgery I had on June 22nd on with .

Although several studies have examined SRS outcomes, few have been done in the United States. Instead, Europeans have done much of the research specifically regarding satisfaction after SRS. Overall, the healthcare system in the United States is lagging in the attention paid to SRS and other transgender health care, including counseling.

Sep 14,  · Sex reassignment surgery is a lengthy process that begins with counseling and a mental health evaluation to determine if a person clearly has a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. After this is complete, hormonal treatment is begun with testosterone for those transitioning from female to male and estrogen for those transitioning from male to female.