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Teen Self-Mutilation and Teen Self-Injury. Find out why teens cut themselves, how to prevent self-injury, and the warning signs of self mutilation, self cutting, and self-injury of teenagers, youth, and teens.

Treatment for cutting will likely focus on helping the teen develop healthier coping mechanisms when faced with feelings of anger, stress, or sadness. It will also help boost a teen's self-esteem, help manage any underlying psychiatric problems, and help make sure that the teen isn't having thoughts of suicide.

Oct 08,  · Self-injury for these kids is a way to stay alive. The most common mental health diagnosis for a teen who self-injures is borderline personality disorder. For kids who self-injure, hurting Author: Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

Cutting. It's a practice that is foreign, frightening, to parents. It is not a suicide attempt, though it may look and seem that way. Cutting is a form of self-injury -- the person is literally Author: Jeanie Lerche Davis.