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Facts and Statistics on Alcohol Abuse in Teens. By 8 th grade almost 30% of kids have tried drinking alcohol. 58% of sophomores have abused alcohol. 71% of high school seniors have used alcohol. 23% of 12 th graders reported on binge drinking – with over 5 drinks in a row. 8% of high school students admit to driving after drinking.

Statistics on Teens and Young Adults and Drug Abuse. American 8th, 10th, and 12th graders were surveyed on their drug use and attitudes, and the results are encouraging, showing a downward trend in the use of various drugs in the last 5 years. 2 However, the views surrounding certain substances reflect a decrease in the perceived harm of use, especially when asked about marijuana. 2.

Alcohol is the substance most widely used by teenagers. Teenage alcohol and drug abuse surveys reveal the following statistics: 61 percent of high school students have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high schoolAuthor: Jamison Monroe.

Aug 13,  · Fortunately, the fact is that drug use among teenagers is declining: a recent study found that % of high schoolers had used drugs in the month before being surveyed, which is lower than previous years. Alcohol. In the United States, high school students abuse alcohol more than any illicit betterbasket.info: The Recovery Village.