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Vaginal discharge in the third trimester third trimester cramping and vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge in the third trimester. Discharge. Not exactly the most pleasant word or idea to ever cross your mind, but it’s actually a useful way for your body to communicate with you as you approach your delivery date.

Nov 15,  · However, the vaginal pressure during pregnancy should not worry you unless accompanied by other signs. Whether it is preterm labor or the right time has come, always call your doctor when you experience the signs of labor. Pelvic pressure in the third trimester. The third and last trimester of your pregnancy is when you expect your Ikeke S.

Table of Contents First Trimester When to call your health care provider during your third trimester Please call right away if you have: Persistent menstrual-like cramps Increased vaginal discharge Leaking of fluid from the vagina Vaginal bleeding Flu-like symptoms such as.

2. Abnormal Discharge in Third Trimester. Besides the regular white discharge in third trimester, if you experience discharge that is yellowish or greenish in color and with foul smell, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor. There could be various causes for it and it should be controlled before it can affect the baby.