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I mentioned this to my ball driller and he said, "You're going to struggle with that because of your thumb pitch." Huh? It turns out that if you have reversed thumb pitch (thumb tilted away from the finger holes) you have an earlier release point than if you have less, or as some bowlers do, have forward pitch.

The mysterious baseball device that seems to be a hit. Every so often, you see a batter step to the plate wearing one. Here's what it is, and betterbasket.info: Clay Thompson.

Proper pitching starts with the right grip on the baseball. Here are some of the most common baseball pitching grips and how I threw them in college and professional baseball. Use these pitching grip descriptions and pictures as a guide to getting a better grip on .

Center the baseball between your three other fingers (as shown in the middle picture above right). The baseball should be tucked comfortably against the circle. Throw this pitch with the same arm speed and body mechanics as a fastball. The one variation is to slightly .