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Pop culture inspired pins, tees, and stickers. – Thumbs Design thumb design

Logo Design for the Institute for Transplantation. We have recently helped the Institute for Transplantation refresh their sub-brand Transplant TV with a new logo design. Transplant TV is a portal website produced by the Institute of Transplantation. The site features information on [ ].

Thumbs is a London based artist specialising in pop culture inspired artwork. Making cool stuff that will bring back your child hood.

Thumbs Design is an online webstore which caters for the RC racing community. Here you will find custom hop up parts and upgrades of your Micro and 1/10th racing buggys.

Good design is at the heart of everything we do and we’ve developed a creative process that has proven integral to us helping our clients achieve their goals. Take a look at our portfolio of selected work and see how Thumb Design can help you.