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Generally speaking, there are two approaches to understanding the process of perception. These are the top-down processing and the bottom-up processing. What .

Top-down methods were favored in software engineering until the late s, and object-oriented programming assisted in demonstrating the idea that both aspects of top-down and bottom-up programming could be utilized. Modern software design approaches usually combine both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

Sep 15,  · The Stroop Effect: One classic example of top-down processing in action is a phenomenon known as the Stroop this task, color words are printed in other colors. So, for example, the word "Red" might be printed in blue, the word "Pink" might be printed in white, and so on.

Sep 23,  · If we used only bottom-up processing, these ink blobs would continue to look just like random shapes on paper. However, because our brains are predisposed to perceive faces and because of top-down processes, we are likely to begin to see a human face in these ambiguous shapes.