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Rear Radius Rod Theoretical Intersection Point. - posted in Midget Tech Board: Here's a thought lol! A few months ago I wanted to change the length of the rear radius rods on my TQ. And I noticed if you extended an imaginary line from both rear radius rods fwd, they intersected at a single point somewhere near the CG of the motor.

Jul 28,  · If behind the axle is fine (or in front as you choose) you could trim off the radius rod tubes, bolt the forged perches to bracketry on the axle tubes, mount the spring to the perches, and use any form of hairpins or other radius rods you choose. For a Model A rear spring the perches should be inches center of eye to center of eye.

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Custom Length Rods. Specify length in the comments section at the end of the order form after your order is placed. 1/2" rods we can make right away. Swaged rods may take 1 week as they are made on a special machine. Thanks.