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Using a vibrator during pregnancy is generally safe. A few cautions: Be careful not to penetrate yourself too forcefully, especially with a very rigid vibrator. And make sure the vibrator is clean to prevent infection. Wash it according to the manufacturer's instructions. There are also some.

Q&A: Can I use a vibrator while pregnant? - Find out if it is safe to use a vibrator while pregnant. Learn more about pregnancy and pregnancy safety at Dr. Pam Spurr.

Feb 23,  · It makes sense that during pregnancy you want to be as careful with your body as possible. After all, you are growing a whole new human being Occupation: Sex & Relationships Editor.

Feb 12,  · Vibrators, Dildos and Other Sex Toys During Pregnancy. Sex toys like dildos and vibrators are safe during pregnancy. After all, they're just mechanical versions of the real thing — though make sure that anything you introduce into the vagina is clean before you use it.