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What Exactly Happens When Sperm Meets Egg? - PositiveMed video of sperm and egg meeting

In the video above, you can see “sparks” of conception—an incredible physical reaction when sperm meets an egg. The flashes are actually made of zinc, and their brightness could indicate the Author: Jim Festante.

And then the process of egg meeting sperm itself is called fertilization. Sperm binds to the zona pellucida, the glycoproteins, you have an acrosomal reaction, and then a cortical reaction prevents more than one sperm getting in. And then material, the genetic material of the sperm is transferred.

Apr 26,  · The video shows a flash of light occurring at the moment when a human sperm joins with an egg to form a unique new human life, according to the study. The flash comes from zinc that sparks as the sperm and egg meet – an observation that scientists have witnessed with the conception of other animals in the past, according to the report.

Aug 20,  · Long, fingerlike projections sweep the egg into the fallopian tube. The egg travels down the fallopian tube, pushed by tiny hairs and awaits the arrival or sperm. About a teaspoon worth of semen enters the vagina containing roughly million sperm, less than , will pass into the cervix to begin their 6-inch journey to the egg.