- asian issues in counseling


asian issues in counseling

Asian Americans drop out of mental health treatment at a high rate. This problem could be addressed by enhancing therapists’ multicultural competence and by examining clients’ cultural attitudes that may affect the counseling process. In the present study, we used a video analogue design with a Cited by:

Asian-American Indians are a model minority who are not in need of any special consideration and that they underuse or terminate counseling prematurely. This paper deals with socio-cultural differences and the implications for training multicultural counselors to counsel Asian-Americans from India.

Counseling Asian International Students: Ethics, Issues, and Ideas Tara Overzat Paper based on a program presented at the ASERVIC Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, August 2,

to Asian American adolescents’ mental health issues. To date, the counseling literature on treatment of mental health problems of Asian American adolescents has been limited to studies of characteristics of service facilities and counselors, and the impact of both on counseling outcomes. Little is.