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Jan 16,  · The opening of VN Nails in Salida, Colorado (population 5,), confirmed for me the Vietnamese American reign over nail salons in the United States — even in remote Rocky Mountain towns with good ole boy ranchers and aggro outdoor enthusiasts.. The numbers. According to the Industry Statistics published by Nails Magazine, 48% of nail professionals in the $ billion Founded Location: San Francisco.

Oct 17,  · I've only encountered Asian and a few black owned salons. The black owned ones were higher-end than your usual around the nail salon, offered spa-like amenities, nicer polishes (non-toxic), but were grossly over-priced and didn't do as good of a job on my nails as the Asian salons.

Asiana Nails Lounge located in San Antonio, Texas is a local beauty salon that offers quality service including Organic Pedicures, Gel Manicures, Body Massage, Threading, Waxing. Welcome!

It is interesting that also outside the US e. g. in Germany, where I come from, the nail business is often run by Asians. Maybe it is a kind of "me too" effect. People with a special ethnic background have their own entrepreneur-rolemodels and way.