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May 12,  · In , the population of Asia is estimated at 4,,, Russia is excluded from Asia's population, although there are about 40 million Russians who live in Asia, or east of the Ural Mountains. Asia has the two most populous countries in its borders: China and India.

The current population of Asia is 4,,, as of Monday, September 23, , based on the latest United Nations estimates. Asia population is equivalent to % of the total world population. Asia ranks number 1 among regions of the world (roughly equivalent to "continents"), ordered by population.

52 rows · List of countries (or dependencies) in Asia ranked by population, from the most populated. .

The largest two of the Asian na­tions—China and India—account for three-fifths of Asia’s total population, and the remaining two-fifths shared by forty- six countries in Asia. Six of the Asian countries have populations greater than million (Bangladesh, China, India, In­donesia, Japan and Pakistan) making each one of them larger than any European country.