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Twice a day would be successful. Aim for a 3 to 5% ratio of vinegar to water. A small amount of vinegar in their drinking water and/or chamomille tea as their drinking water will also be beneficial. Mouth rot can spread into the bones, in which case the treatment is much more complicated and should be .

Ulcerative Stomatitis, also known as mouthrot, in reptiles can become a very serious condition if left untreated. Please visit this site for more information about diagnosis, treatment and prevention of .

Common Ailments of Chinese Water Dragons in Captivity. Internal Parasites. Seen mainly in wild caught water dragons, but captive bred animals can be contaminated with internal parasites by cross contamination with other infected animals or through some food items.

Sep 17,  · Chinese Water Dragon Mouth Problem (Please Help!) Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by The, Oct 18, Mouth rot (Infectious stomatitis) can cause the gum's to get soft and cheesy looking, and even start bleeding and swelling, and in some cases, falling off in pieces. the last time I took my water dragon to the vet they told me.