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Asian Scholarships Minority scholarships are a great way to help add funding for college. With the rise of Asian students on college campuses, more universities and organizations see the need for diversification and offer Asian scholarships to meet the growing demand.

Current Pan-Asian scholarships include these options, which may be applied to tuition and expenses at approved educational institution: The Bruce Lee Scholarship. Coca-Cola Company Hallmark Scholarship. Denny's Scholarship. Enterprise Holdings .

Apr 23,  · How to Pay for College Scholarships. There are hundreds of scholarships for Asian-American students, Grants. Grants don’t need to be paid back and are based on your financial circumstances. Fellowships. While scholarships usually fund .

This scholarship is specifically for students who are current or former employees at an Asian-owned or Asian cuisine restaurant or the child of such an employee. The scholarship is non-renewable, but past recipients may apply betterbasket.info: Staff Writers.