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Strip Club Las Vegas: Bottle Service strip club bottle service

We offer Bottle Service and V.I.P. guest list entry to only the most popular Strip Clubs in Las Vegas. These venues rarely offer deals or discounts on Table/Bottle service, but our team can always work magic and guarantee the best offer possible.

A 20% service fee on all bottle packages will be collected at the club. Promotions cannot be combined with any other offers, Management reserves all rights.

The ultimate VIP experience at Las Vegas’s top nightclubs comes with bottle service. Know how it works and browse current deals with free quotes. Enjoy special pricing and book with ease knowing your table is secure. Our packages include free entrance as well as all mixers included.

Some Bottle Service Tips For Strip Clubs. Take advantage of booking your bottle service early so you can schedule your time for the VIP transportation. Your spend on alcohol does not include money to be used for dancers, make sure to budget accordingly. Once at the club assign one person to be in control of ordering from the waitress.