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Nice: Here are 50 of the funniest euphemisms for masturbation masturbation euphamisms

Masturbation, we all do it. Here's a detailed list of all the different terms and slang for this popular past time. Read the comments for more. SA's #1 online store for men brings you the Mantality Blog - a hand picked collection of interesting and cool articles for today's man + Masturbating Euphemisms By James Mew on May 5, Author: James Mew.

Euphemisms for Male Masturbation. You know them, you love them but you don't know ALL of them. Here are some great ways of talking about masturbation without actually saying masturbation. Some are funny. Some are strange. But hey, aside from performing the act itself, reading this list is about the most entertaining thing you'll do today.

While there are many fun and common euphemisms for male masturbation, women are often left empty-handed (so to speak). Maybe if we gave women more names for dialing their rotary phones, we'd be more inclined to talk about female masturbation in general. Dudes have a Author: Alanna Vagianos.

I made a list of 40 new euphemisms for female masturbation. (You're welcome.) I can't promise that none of these have been used before, but I did try to avoid the most obvious/common phrases.