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This is a mod of another mod. Whitewolf's larger breast mod, the original version is nude. Due to the prying eyes of those around me and the fact that I share this computer, I'd rather not have any nude characters in Oblivion so I made this mod.

May 14,  · Variable Breast size? - posted in Oblivion Mod Requests: Is it possible to make a BBB+BBB mod with variable breast sizes and shapes using animations? Also is it possible to save an animation to a certain position, so that it will load in that position? If this is possible, then that could go a long way to making BBB+BBB far more flexable, and almost all inclusive.

Nov 20,  · The mod's container is an ordinary cargo box aptly named 'boobscrate', not the usual treasure chest normally used by almost every modder. It is located pretty close to the testinghall's central structure, just a few yards to the right of the green-lit door to the 'Hawkhaven' exterior cell (which can also be used to fast-travel back to the game world).