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I am 2 days post op from a breast augmentation through areola and my left breast started bleeding enough to soak through two padded gauze strips with bright red and dark red blood, I went right to my PS and he cleaned me up said everything looked great and was perfectly intact.

A: Bleeding at Incision Site After Breast Augmentation. I don't think you can assume that everything is okay. It may be, but some of what you're saying is worrisome and I think you need to contact your PS and be seen with some urgency, just to be sure.

Jul 25,  · Bleeding during surgery is normal and it is usually controllable. If the bleeding happens after surgery then it should cease after first few hours. Breast augmentation complication – bleeding. If the bleeding starts once the surgery is over, it results in one of the breasts getting bruised and becoming larger than the other/5.

Breast augmentation Korea - Bleeding after breast surgery. If we dissected armpit in the original surgery and there is much bleeding, we can open up the armpit again, clean, and use the endoscope to .