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Jun 22,  · If you have these or other risk factors, then this calculator's results will underestimate your risk. The first part of the calculator uses the Gail model and is an emulation of the NCI's Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool, based on published risk statistics and .

Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Risk Calculator Version Disclaimer. The original Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator (PCPTRC) posted in was developed based upon men in the placebo group of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial.

Risk Calculator; About Calculator The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool. The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool allows health professionals to estimate a woman's risk of developing invasive breast cancer over the next 5 years and up to age 90 (lifetime risk).

One size does not fit all for breast cancer screening. Early detection and prevention are most effective for those most at risk. Several United States organizations recommend offering annual screening breast magnetic resonance imaging in addition to mammography for women with > 20% lifetime risk for breast cancer using models that take extensive family history into by: 7.