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Breast Health in Your 40s and Up. You'll notice physical changes as you get older. During menopause or the run-up to it, the glands that make milk shrink. They're replaced with new fat tissue, so Author: Amanda Macmillan.

Aug 21,  · For many women, breast health includes concerns about breast lumps, breast pain or nipple discharge. Know what's normal — and when to consult your doctor. It's also important to understand common screening and diagnostic tests for breast health, such as clinical breast exams, mammograms and breast ultrasounds.

Nov 10,  · Previous Next 1 of 6 Female breast anatomy. The structure of the female breast is complex — including fat, glandular and connective tissue, as well as lobes, lobules, ducts, lymph nodes, blood vessels and ligaments.

WebMD discusses the anatomy of the breast including function, a diagram of the breast, conditions that affect the breasts, and much more.