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Timing of pubertal stages and breast cancer risk: the Breakthrough Generations Study generations breast cancer

This UK research inquiry will evaluate over , subjects to help determine causes of breast cancer.

May 29,  · We thank Breast Cancer Now and The Institute of Cancer Research for support and funding of the Generations Study, and the study participants, study Cited by: 3.

Breakthrough Generations Study. This study is looking into the causes of breast cancer. Find out what the study involves and where to get more information. The large study called the Breakthrough Generations Study aims to find out what causes breast cancer. It is supported by Breakthrough Breast Cancer and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR).

The Breast Cancer Now Generations Study was set up in to help understand the causes of breast cancer. At the moment, we don’t know why one woman will develop the disease while another won’t. This is an enormous project following more than , UK women for 40 years.