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What is the connection between nipple discharge and breast cancer? a lump or mass within the breast or if you have had an abnormal mammogram. One form of breast cancer that may cause breast Author: Hilary Parker.

Sep 01,  · It’s important to tell the technologist you have implants before your mammogram is started. In fact, it’s best to mention this when you make the appointment to have your mammogram done. This way you can find out if the facility has experience doing mammograms in Last Revised: October 9,

Sep 01,  · Having a Mammogram After You’ve Had Breast Cancer Surgery. get a mammogram of the treated breast 6 to 12 months after radiation treatment ends. Surgery and radiation both cause changes in the skin and breast tissues that will show up on the mammogram, making it harder to read. Last Revised: October 9,

Breast problems such as lumps are very common and often not caused by breast cancer. An intraductal papilloma is such a benign breast lump situated in the milk ducts. Rarity: Uncommon. Top Symptoms: breast lump, painful breast lump, painless breast lump, white or .