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Redness on the breast is most often caused by a breast infection, but if it does not improve after treatment with antibiotics, it may be a rare sign o What does it mean if I suddenly notice redness on my breasts? Know what signs and symptoms could be cause for a doctor visit to check for breast cancer with expert advice from Sharecare.

Aug 21,  · A breast rash is the irritation and redness that usually occurs on the skin under the breasts. Breast rash may occur as a result of wearing a bra that doesn't fit well or excessive sweating below the breasts. A breast rash may present itself in the form of scaling of the skin under the breasts, blisters, itchiness and red patches%(40).

Paget's disease of the breast, also known as Paget's disease of the nipple, is a rare form of breast cancer, with symptoms such as burning and dryness near the nipple. Learn more about the.

Feb 27,  · Nipple Issues: When To Worry, When To Wait. PJ Hamel when your nipple decides to retreat into your breast. You may notice oozing, flaking Author: PJ Hamel.